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‘I ended up in jail after refusing my friends romantic advances’ Cries woman

A city woman has narrated how she ended up behind bars after she turned down romantic advances from a man she had been friends with for more than 10 years.

Her narration came about after a Classic 105 caller bragged about how she is living large, all thanks to a married man she met three months ago.

I met this man 3 months ago in a casino and he has bought me a big car and is renting me a house in Karen and paying for my trips and we have no strings attached!.

*Nelly* shares her story sadly for her she ended up in court after she rejected a man who used money to trap her.

This guys has been my friend for more than 10 years so he came to my rescue and offered me cash at a time where my business was going through a hitch.

He gave me almost 300,000 I put the money in the business.

After that, the business did not pick up well so I told him to be patient and he told me not to worry as we were friends so I should take my time.

A black couple on a date
A black couple on a date

At some point he approached me to have a relationship with him to which I turned down the offer given that I had no romantic feelings for him

He persisted but I refused completely.

He went and reported that I acquired money in false pretense. I was locked in for a day so now I had a case in court.

He came at a point when he knew I was unable to refund the money to him.

My advice to young girls is don’t take anything from a man without a clear agreement.

I had helped him also at some point so when he helped I did not read much into it until I rejected his advances.

Another caller adds that the lady is just being blinded

She is being blinded before the man can get what she wants, she might be a sacrifice that is just being fattened.

A man cannot give you things without expecting something in return. That lady should sit down and think about what she wants with her life.

Another adds

That lady should know that money does not grow on trees and no man can give you money for free. Let her give everything back before its too late.

Maybe the guy is just shy. This is a ticking bomb waiting to explode and it will happen sooner or later.

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