I drink a ka-quarter every morning – matatu driver confesses

When it comes to disobeying the law, Kenyans are notorious and proved so during the Monday morning conversation, where Maina Kageni asked people to respond tot he question of why we obey only when forced.

He asked:

Do we ever do anything without being forced. Some people are not wearing their mask, washing their hands.

Ni nini mbaya na sisi wakenya? Do we ever do things because its good for us? #MainaAndKingangi

To which many responded citing instances when rules are broken or why they simply don’t care for laws put in place to protect us.

One man who coincidentally sounded drunk owing to his speech, confessed that he has to have a quarter drink before driving the matatu. He knows all too well that anyone there is a law advising people not to drive when drunk, but he doesn’t care.

He said ‘mimi lazima kila siku nikunywe ka quarter kabla nipeleke gari. It’s the only way I feel I can handle the day. Nikiona polisi ndio najifanya’.

Another man admitted to always breaking rules about ‘usikojoe hapa’. He fortunately – no I didn’t make a mistake saying this- he learnt the hard way as Kenyans always do. He describes the one time that made his learn some manners.


“Maina mimi na marafiki zangu tulienda kujisaidia pahali pameandikwa ‘usikojoe hapo’ hatukujua kuna wire ya stima. Tulijione mambo!”

So why are we such hard headed citizens who don’t care for rules? Here are some comments that may just annoy you.

A caller said ‘Maina Kenyans ni vichwa ngumu naturally, hawapendi kuambiwa kitu and we have accepted ourselves that way aki

Another admitted tot he same thought adding ‘it’s called testing the waters ,maina why are you surprised ? Uwezi toa ukenya ndani yetu’

@ItsMainaKageni Kenyans are crazy, they always break those rules and say inside them ‘kwani watadu?’


Why should we wear a mask? Our leaders are preaching water yet they drink wine. Tulichoka zamani sana

Our leaders are preaching water and drinking wine. They serve as role models

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