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‘ I don’t mind having tons of kids’ Jamaican singer Jah Cure 


Reagge singer Jah Cure is in town for the Umoja festival which goes down on Saturday 6th July at the Uhuru Garden.

Jah Cure joined Classic 105’s Mike Mondo in studio Friday, where he admitted the reason may fans love his lovers rock music.

He opened up about his family revealing he has a new-born.

I have one daughter and one son born in June


Does he want more kids

I mean yeah, its a black people thing .black people like to multiply the earth coz we’ve responsibility but even white people but they have a system

Does he have a target for how many kids he wants?

I don’t have any plans if I end up with ten kids in the future I will take care of them because I don’t plan to kill any I won’t take nay woman to abortion.

So if it happens that you know that kid will have to survive coz I’m not a life taker. my mother didn’t do that to me so here I am serving the world with good tides

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