I don’t have a friend like Mike Sonko who can expose me – Maina Kageni


Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been unleashing incriminaign videos implicating many people from Judges to women.

A woman has sought police protection, claiming her life is in danger in an ongoing feud between former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and some state officials.

Merry Nkatha on Monday went to Karen police station to seek protection saying she fears for her life.

She said she fears Sonko or his agents may harm her for refusing to cooperate with him.

She claimed Sonko has been seeking to have her as his witness in two cases against Governor Anne Kananu and Justice Saidi Chitembwe among others.

“They have been calling and threatening me and I can’t have peace. I feel in danger and that is why I have reported the matter to police,” she said.nkatha

She made the remarks at a hotel in Karen. Police protected the hotel during the presser.

She alleged she was blocked and kidnapped on Saturday in Karen by people she knows who made a call to Sonko and responded to ready made questions.

Sonko then recorded her. She was given a chocolate to eat which was “meant to make me relax”.

The recording has gone viral on social media. Sonko released the audio through his social media accounts in which Nkatha is heard responding to questions and implicating Kananu and other individuals.

Maina old Kingangi that he does not have a friend like Sonko to unleash his moshene, but Kingangi told him that sadly he does and there are many. The audience weighed in ont he topic below.

#MainaAndKingangi maina if I noticed I have such friends I give them a big big block I can’t entertain them in my life

Sure,most friends are not genuine, they’re friends of convenience

unasema huna friends like sonko na mwalimu ako hapo. Ile siku mtakosana tutajua your whole kwanza atazigawa na episodes Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

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