‘I don’t cater to everything that has a heartbeat,’ Anto Neosoul rants

The “Chips Funga” sensation Anto Neosoul is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s finest vocalists who comes from a humble background, Anto as his close friends popularly know him, maintains that it is his grounded upbringing that has to lead him to live a humble life and have a soulful voice.

His life and love experiences inspire his music and writing.

Though being in the music scene for quite a long time, it seems Anto has not yet gotten a big break from his acclaimed lyrical journey as a Kenyan music artist.

Kenyans on Twitter went rogue and blasted the musician and if that wasn’t enough? They continued poking the fire asking who the artist makes music for and wondering who are even his fans.

One netizen, went ahead to comment asking him whether he still sings in prisons or he upgraded?

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The artist wasn’t having it after he got trolled Sunday evening, he decided to fire up claiming that he wasn’t angry but according to the tone of the message, the Sensimilia artist was offended and angry claiming that KOT should upgrade on their insults.


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He wrote, that he has been booked up to 2020, having being brought up in a humble background, he ought to be  have been humble and not boast about his achievements. He should have let his hard-earned work speak for itself and leave his “fans” second-guessing and yearning for new content from the musician.

Like that wasn’t enough to clear the air, he continued by writing how he does not cater to everything that has a heartbeat.

Clearly, Anto felt offended knowing how his music is not appreciated in Kenya, despite having a large following.


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