I don’t care if she is married – Man tells about pursuing waitress


Rejection is part of being a man, but that was not the message man wanted to hear from Maina Kageni after an intense discussion about why men can’t take rejection from Kenyan women.

Maina blasted men, calling them psychos and stalkers after listening to several accounts from women of the men hounding them.

Kingangi told the man’ be a man, don’t take no for an answer’ and the encouragement only made Maina more angry.

He declared he will not take no for an answer

“Nimekatia dame for the last one year.  She is a waitress and I have never stopped going for her. Infact today lunch time I will go for her I will go for lunch in that restaurant. I will not stop until I get her. Such girls are rare to find , she is the one I need. For one and a half years I have not stopped, nashindanga kwa hiyo hotel, sitoki huko. I am going for lunch and I’m not gonna let her go, coz she understands what I need in this life. Who cares if she is in a relationship. I am following my hearts desire. I just want her. I am not gonna let her go Maina we need such women I will not walk away she is a woman who is good for me”

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