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“I don’t sleep hungry” – Mr. Seed Responds to Bahati

There has been trouble in paradise for a while now between Bahati and Mr. Seed and things do not seem to be getting any better.

Well, Bahati went live in an interview with Ntv Sasa and when asked about his debt with Mr. seed , and if he owed Mr. Seed any money, this is what he had to say.

In the Interview, he said,


Sijai sema hii story pahali popote lakini nadadi hawa vijana 6 million

(I have never spoken of this issue anywhere but these guys owe me 6 million)

That is why i am saying they created a story to trend, but time will tell




Well Mr. Seed went to his social media responding to the interview saying,

I have achieved so much in 3months I give God all the glory..
But my brother..

I love you and because of the love I have for you I forgave you for everything you you did to me n my family .. but I wonder why you should go n lie live on national Tv??


I tried to commit suicide but I couldn’t do it – cries Mr Seed

mr seed1


In an exclusive interview with Classic 105 we were able to get in-touch with Mr. Seed.

Asking questions surrounding the matter,

His response was,

First things first, let him address us with our names and not coded  language terming it as “madharau”

Secondly, What makes him think i sleep hungry?

To make things clear , i am here for the gospel, and i have produced music that has blessed lives.

I should not get into those petty fights because God is blessing my life.


The two have not been talking after their fall out when news reached us from a close source saying;

Bahati used security forces to eject Mr. Seeds girlfriend and her father from the New year’s event that went down at Thika stadium.



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