‘I didn’t know how old my first baby mama was’ Fred Omondi confesses


Comedian Fred Omondi has for the first time in a tell all interview revealed he had a mzungu baby mama when he was pretty young.

The radio interview on Tuesday September 10th, unraveled a story he has kept a secret for so long

I met this mzungu in my prime, you know during adolescence in Kisumu city

At the time I was into doing drama and poems and these group of mzungu investors came 


Fred has also shockingly admitted that he is not close to his daughter with the mzungu owing to the distance between them

I am not close to Shanice

She is eight years old, and she doesn’t live with me in Kenya because she is with her mother abroad

He hesistated to reveal how old he was when he got this first child with the mzungu only saying

I was very young ‘about 20 years’


And how old was this mzungu baby mama when they had a relationship?

‘huko tuu’ around, you know with these mzungu’s you can never really tell their age

I keep in touch with my daughter Shanice online but we are not very close

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