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‘I did not join the industry to be anyone’s role model,’ Avril says

Avril has been in the music industry for over ten years.

That means she has seen the bright and the dark side of being a celebrity.

However, she is a strong woman and she says she is no longer concerned with what people think about her.

Speaking on K24 TV with Betty Kyallo, she says having known how the social media streets are, she is happy.

“If what I do inspires you, then take it and learn but I am not in the industry to be anyone’s role model,” she said.

She added;

“I have grown under the limelight but my parents were very close to me. They taught me how to handle myself and ofcourse I had a good foundation. I am just enjoying my life. If I chose to be private please lemmi be, its what I have chosen.”

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Avril birthday shoot
Avril birthday shoot

The mother of one says that before she came to realisation of living her life, she was so worried of what was said and was written about her.

“Growing up in a lot of scrutiny has taught me to just live my life especially as a female artiste.

Sometimes the comments about you on social media as a woman will break you, if you do not have a strong support system back home, you will break.

I used to worry so much what people are saying about me but nowadays, any negativity, I block them in my space and move on.”


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