‘I cut him in his veins’ abused Kenyan woman confesses dirty deed


The story of how John Mutinda plunged his car into the Indian Ocean, killing himself has touched many.

His mother revealed the man had suffered in the cruel hands of his wife, who beat him often.

In an interview in a local daily, John Mutinda’s mother revealed that

my son died from depression and despair from marital anguish he endured at home, his mother said

john mutinda plunges car in likoni

The car that plunged into the ocean being towed. Photo/ John Chesoli 
Image: John Chesoli

Classic 105’s Maina asked listeners what they are going through in their marriages, to which a woman narrated being physically abused by her spouse.

I met him when I was 19, got pregnant when I was 20. I’m 29 now with two sons, recently  I decided to pack and leave. This man is a jerk, he as called me a whore in the ten years together, and I sat in that marriage until I could not take it anymore.

I feel the bitterness and I am angry, because I don’t know why I let myself go through so much hell to keep the marriage, and so when I decided to pack I packed wholehearteldy, I didn’t care what his mother would say.

Was he psychically abusive?

Yes, when my eldest son was two years he was abusive, he beat me up, he kicked me out. There was this time we were travelling he threw me on the road. He beat me up another day and I lost wages for a week. Everytime I have a good job, he tells me I use my womanhood to scale the height of the corporate ladder.

Recently I got an expensive phone and he crushed it against the wall.  I cut him up like a dog and I told him to go to wherever he wants.  I cut him so that his people can talk, coz there is a time I told his mother, I forwarded the message to her, then she had the nerve to ask me what I did to deserve a beating, I got so mad I abused her also,

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