‘I cried for a whole day after finding out I was pregnant,’ Abel Mutua’s wife reminisces

Judith Mutua, wife to Mkurugenzi Abel Mutua has revealed she cried for a day after she found out she was pregnant.

At the time she was still on campus, speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, the mother on one shared

“I got pregnant during my 3rd year on campus, I was 22 years old at the time.

I knew nothing about life.
When I took the pregnancy test and it turned positive I cried the entire day.
She is now almost turning 13. God and life have taught me how to be a good parent.”

Abel had at the time finished classes. When told by Judy that she was pregnant he was ready to be a dad

“When I joined 1st year Abel was in the fourth year.
I found out I was pregnant over the April holiday and he told me that whatever I wanted he would support me.

I was worried about what my mum would say, my dad, is deceased.
Being a second born and seeing how my mum struggled to get me bursaries worried me.
I was disappointed in myself for taking a child home instead of a degree.”

Abel Mutua and his wife Judy

Judy says she only survived that period because Abel was very supportive.

At the time he was acting at Tahidi High.

“I gave birth in January 2010, I studied till December 2019.

Judy says people should stop asking people when
“It’s a personal decision, we are OK with one child. It’s not like we cannot get another baby.
Looking back now getting pregnant at that time was the best thing I ever did.
I feel I am done with parenting.”

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