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‘I couldn’t look at other babies’ Wendy Kemunto says after miscarriage

Three months after Frank Wanyama and Alex Mahaga were sentenced to 15 years for gang rape, the survivor Wendy Kemunto, has opened up about the ordeal.

The Kenyan artiste was raped by the rugby players on her birthday in 2018.

She got pregnant from the ordeal but sadly lost the pregnancy at five months.

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Speaking during an interview with Grace Msalame, Wendy said after her miscarriage she had a hard time accepting the loss.

Around the fifth month, I suffered an unexpected miscarriage. We rushed to the hospital because it had started happening (miscarriage) at home.’

Kemunto added.

‘The doctor looked at me and decided we had to remove the child as it would be harmful to me.

The miscarriage was because of the stress and the environment I was in at the time.’

‘I miscarried at 5 months’ Wendy Kemunto speaks out after rape ordeal by rugby players


Kemunto added

‘Losing the baby was the hardest part of everything. People were talking mean on social media and I couldn’t handle that.

But losing the baby was painful and it took a huge toll on me and at some point I couldn’t even look at other babies.

My family and God came through for me.’

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