‘I celebrate you and love you deeply cupcake,’ Kambua’s hubby gushes

Kambua and her pastor husband Jackson Mathu have managed to stay in their marriage for five years.

The power couple, who are a perfect match made in heaven, recently celebrated their fifth anniversary  and their messages to each other read;

Jackson Mathu wrote: I celebrate you and love you deeply cupcake. Happy Anniversary darling. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Fifth #Five #FiveIsTheNumberOfGrace #ToLoveAndToHold #TheOneHeKeptForMe #BeautifulWife #MyCupRunnethOver #MachoKubwa #Macho45

Kambua and Pastor Jackson Mathu

Kambua: Thank you husband!! Happy anniversary ☄

Well, two days ago, Kambua turned a year older and her husband, sent her a heartwarming message just to show her how much he still loves her.

“Happy Birthday to my darling wife Kambua. I love you more each day. ❤️❤️❤️,’ Mathu wrote.

Here are more birthday wishes from Kambua’s followers

Mwaniki: Happy birthday @kambuamuziki ,blessings and favor!

Ruth: Happy birthday @kambua___ May God truly bless you. And honour who for honouring Him in our generation. You’re a great example to many of us.

Michael: HBD @kambuamuziki May you enjoy your life today ,tomorrow and forever more

Naila: Happy birthday kambua….more blessings to you

Stacey: Happy happy birthday 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈. Blessings, joy and favour for the new year.

Ken: Happy birthday Kambua may you live long to see his mercies n glory over your life.

Francis: Happy birthday. I love pretty humble Queen. God bless you. Cheers

Marie: Happy birthday to you my beautiful twin. May you continue to shine always. God loves you very much and we love you too😘

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