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‘I can’t stand my husband’s touch in bed’ he turns me off’ Women confess why they fell out of love with their men (Audio)

The reason behind lack of intimacy in marriage seems to be the question on most people’s minds, especially after men claimed that women lose interest after getting babies.

During the morning show on Classic 105, a woman confessed how she no longer finds her husband attractive, saying

“I feel like I have gone off my husband completely, I don’t love him anymore and I do not know why despite the fact that we sleep in the same bed.

I keep asking myself what I saw in him,we are a young couple because I am just 28.We have two kids the youngest is three years and I cant even fathom him touching me.”

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Fans were given a chance to contribute to the topic and below are some of their responses.

“Sometimes this women are complicated, unajaribu kupenda na hapendek. It has happened to me I had to divorce. I got married in 2012 we had our first born in 2013.

After  2 years she completely changed to a point that she could even go out when I try talking to her. When I come in to the house she goes out when I go out she comes back.

Even when I tried initiating intimacy she would turn the other way. The problem was that she would not even tell me what the problem is, and hatukukosana.

After two years I told her that I needed another baby but to my surprise she answered back retorting that hata huyo mmoja nimeshindwa kulea.

I could not understand her given the fact that I was working and we never lacked anything. I ended up divorcing her. My marriage was so young.”

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Another adds

“Love diminishes mainly because men stop trying to be romantic, you find her there and before she has even had a chance to get aroused you jump on her like a bicycle.

No romance and before she even realizes what is happening you are done, you do the same for a few more days and she reaches a point and starts getting ‘bored’

Nowadays more men are taking alcohol thus the poor performance between the sheets,the solution is to satisfy your woman that way she will be calling you each and everyday.”

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, another fan  disclosed

“Most women don’t get support from their men during pregnancy, the men prefer going and getting a mpango wa kando, most women do not forgive this thus they find comfort in their kids.”

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