I can’t leave my unhappy relationship – Side chick explains heartbreak


Women are choosing to stay in unhappy relationships even when they know they should leave.

A woman detailed how she has been with a man for sometime and it was like a match made in heaven until the relationship became lackluster, at least that’s how she feels about it.

Such a scenarios isn’t uncommon, but the question remains why do unhappy people stay even though they desperately want to leave?

The topic was explored by Maina and Kingangi on the Friday morning conversation, where neither could place their finger on it and asked listeners for their opinion.

They discussed how Samburu Senator Steve Lelengwe has been left six times by his wife, in a story published in the Nairobian November 27.

Maina said “The Senator recently married a second wife but his first wife has left him and comeback six times. And I need to know from you guys, ni nini? we need to discuss about men who are impossible to leave, what do they do to you ladies?

To which Mwalimu cheekily responded that the Senator is from a tribe highly acclaimed for their doshi.

couple pics
couple pics

” Ako na dawa ako na nguvu mama kafurahi” Mwalimu joked

So a side chick called and gave her experience not being able to leave her Kisii man.

“It’s so hard Maina. And it’s worse for those who are broke, we can’t seem to leave them, and I can’t explain why, I can;t leave my man. He is a Kisii and broke to death, and I can’t stand him anymore, but I can’t leave him, sijui ni kurogwa au ni nini. I don’t know if he has gone to a witchdoctor, and by the way he is married t someone else, I am his side chick and he is so broke he can’t even give me fare, he has never paid my rent, “

“He should attend those meetings of stingy men, he pays rent once in a while and I don’t think I am mad. I don’t see how I am mad, hawa watu wametuwekea madawa, sijui ni nini, uchawi yote ndani”

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you have a man you can’t leave yet he is no good? Tell us your experience.


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