I cannot divorce my wife just because of a mere scandal, says pastor Victor Kanyari

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has said he will not divorce his wife just because of ‘a mere scandal’.

Kanyari who has found himself besieged after his ‘healing’ miracles were exposed to be fake and staged managed by the expose #PrayerPredators said he does not involve his wife in his church ministry.

“She is my wife and we can’t be separated because of a scandal,” Kanyari is quoted as saying by the Daily Nation.

The unrepentant pastor said he sees no wrong in asking for seed money because every church ask for it.

“The seed money has been called different names. In some churches, it is called sacrificial seed, in other churches it is offering. Mine is called a seed of faith,” Kanyari said. He said he does not force people to give the money.

“So you cannot say those people who are sending the Sh310 are fools. They are not fools because they know why they sending the money,” he said.

His wife, Gospel singer Betty Bayo, said on Tuesday that if Kanyari does not repent she will divorce him.


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