I called my lovers wife to tell her I want to get married to her husband

Classics Maina Kageni was left astounded after a side chick confessed to him that her married lover allowed her to call his wife and tell her they want to get married.

This all happened during a morning conversation on Friday where Maina asked single girls why they go for married men, yet he is wasting their time.

This particular woman called in and said she wasted 11 years of her life dating her married lover because she assumed he would marry her. He didn’t and left her to return to his wife.

“let me tell you Maina. I’ve been with this guy 11 years, a married man and my thought was maybe he will leave his wife for me, because he kept saying he is tired he is not comfortable with his marriage and I was ok and that I was good. So I thought this guy was serious and I was ready for that. Unfortunatley he didn’t leave he, so let me tell ladies they just cheat us hawa watu ni waongo”crying woman

The married man went back to his wife leaving her humiliated.

“So after 11 years of wasting my life , he went back to his wife, nilijipoteza kabsa. I got a child with him and he doesn’t recognize the child. It is so painful, he doesn’t take care of the child, he gives me  nothing and when I tell him I want another man he tells me he will kill me so I’m like, I’m insecure. Halalfu sasa miaka imesonga, now I’m 34. So I was with him since I was 23 na niliona niko na life na yeye”crying woman

“One day he allowed me to call his wife to tell her about us, to see whether this guy was serious and he was there when I was calling his wife, and he told em he didn’t have a problem with me calling his wife, and I told her I want to settle with her husband, and then she told me according to yeye mimi si wa kwanza ata ako na wengine so I go on, maina let me tell you these guys they are so good when it comes to pamper us lakini hauna promise ya marriage”

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