I borrow money to show off I’m rich like Maina Kageni


A Kenyan man has been closely following Classic’s Maina Kagenis lifestyle, with awe.

He is so impressed with Mainas rich lifestyle that he has decided to go into debt to have the same experiences.

The man confessed to Maina that, ‘You think I don’t want to live like you? You are showing us that you enjoy the life because you have money, because you have a good job, I’m a hustler i want the same thing so I borrow’ 

He explained another reason for living the lifestyle he can’t afford is also to make his extravagant girlfriend happy.

‘I will take loans even if I can’t afford to repay. 

I am a hustler but I can borrow and take a beautiful lady somewhere I make her enjoy. You know what, I have an expensive girl, I can’t take her to local clubs int he neighborhood, so I need to do something big and flashy to make her happy. I don’t want to embarrass her, so lazima nikope I take her there, to enjoy and God will help me to pay the bills,


This confession came from a morning discussion where Maina quoted an article on the Standard that suggested Kenyan men between the age of 25 and 40 have 4 outstanding mobile app loans, brought on by a desire for a flashy lifestyle.

Another man told Maina about getting into debt that

I would rather be blacklisted by CRB, but not by my women for failing to meet her financial needs. Mwanaume kamili ni deni, he finishes off his thoughts

Dear Classic 105 fam, what is your excuse for being trapped into debt by these mobile loan lending apps?

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