Sharon Otieno

‘I ask mortuary attendants to bring her body to me, observing it satisfies my heart’ Sharon Otieno’s dad confesses how he is coping with grief

Sharon Otieno’s mother has opened up on the toll her daughter’s death has had on her even as investigations into her death continue.

During an interview with Nation, Melida Auma emotionally stated that up to date she is yet to understand why her daughter had to die.

“I felt tormented and wondered how he could just be involved in the brutal killing of my beloved child. I asked myself endless questions on just how he could have betrayed my child who loved him a lot.”

During a recent hearing of her daughters case, the mother appeared weak and lost in thoughts as the court proceedings dragged on. At one point, she had to be supported by relatives.

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Overcome by emotions, she broke down, weeping uncontrollably and lamenting that the killers of her daughter could still afford to stand before them and even smile.

“I felt scared. How could the man in front of me lead to the death of my heavily pregnant daughter and her unborn child? This is unexplainable, it is too much for me and I do not want to talk about it,”

“How could some of her killers still afford to be free, three weeks after they brutally murdered my daughter who was a jewel to me. I felt bitter.”

The father is also affected by the death despite the fact that the media has over shadowed his presence rarely talking about him.

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He had earlier told the Nation that he visits the morgue almost on daily basis. In a heart-wrecking revelation, he opened his heart out for the first time about his daughter’s death.

“There, I often ask the attendants to bring her body to me. I sit beside it, touching and observing it. It satisfies my heart to just see it.

I felt comforted that as a family, we will find justice for my daughter and her unborn child. Seeing the governor behind the dock gave some assurance that Sharon’s killers will face the law.”

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