I Appreciate My Wife By Telling Her ‘Tano Tena’ Not Thank You (Audio)

Recently during the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i, male callers said that women are never grateful to their men and that is why most of them do not provide financially for them.

Maina Kageni during to the conversation on Classic 105 asked the ladies this question; Do your men show gratitude for even the little things you do for them?

Mwalimu said that the men appreciate them so much, “ata kukula chakula yake ni one way of appreciating them”

Maina further asked these questions to the men,

“Have you ever come home and seen the house is clean and bothered to tell her, thank you dear. If you come home and find your children are clean and smart, do you say thank you? Men, when she warms your bed at night do you say thank you”?

The discussion elicited mixed reactions from the listeners.

A male caller said that he appreciates his wife by eating her food although he would prefer to eat in a hotel.

He added, ‘ men give their wives their money but women do not bother saying thank you. Women just grab that money and fixes it in her bra’.

A lady called in and said she has never heard the words thank you from her husband.

Even Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale contributed to the discussion and said that ‘mwanamke ni kuambiwa tano tena si asante ‘.

Listen to the whole conversation below;




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