‘I am still amazed at how my mum overlooked my dad’s physical disabilities and married him’ Says Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei is speking out on how her mum is an inspiration.

During an interview with Malkia Africa Production, Emmy says that being in Nigeria has taught her a lot of things and she has also had to adapt to some things she was not used to.

“Nigerian fashion is very complicated given that they like heavy jewellery and accessories and coming from a place where people like keeping it cool i had to adapt.Nigerians like showing much by their dressing,their cultures showcase their women such that just by looking at someone’s wife you can be able to determine where she comes from and the kind of woman she is married to.”

Emmy Kosgei

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My motto in life is that Nothing is impossible with God. I have walked the journey of faith ever since I started my journey in music everything I have done in life is all about God.

Emmy goes on to strongly state that her mum is her biggest inspiration and she looks up to her in all possible ways

“My mum is my inspiration, I have grown to see my mum achieve much having brought us up having been married to my dad who is physically challenged.

I am still amazed at how she was able to overlook my dad’s physical disabilities , and marry him  even with the pressure from the society and his family on what she had seen in such a man.”

The artistes nostalgically describes how her mother stood by her dad until he cleared school

“She  married him and she has stood by him even as he studied at the university, we were also in school but she has been there through it all”

Emmy Kosgei’s parents

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Emmy Kosgei’s mum

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