‘I am sad I was not able to save her’ Mourns Mwingi man who found his wife committing suicide

A man whose wife committed suicide on Sunday morning is deeply depressed that he was not able to save her even after he found her dangling.

Benard Musyoki, who spoke at his home in Mwingi, said he entered their bedroom just moments after his wife, a 43-year-old teacher at Kakunike Primary School in Kyuso District, hang herself.

She was dangling, but still breathing.

“I am sad and disappointed that I was not able to save her when I entered the bedroom to find her dangling but still breathing and writhing in pain. I tried to lift her but she was too heavy for me,” lamented Musyoki.

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He says it took some minutes for him to find a panga which he used to cut the rope that was around his wife’s neck.

He said it happened too late as his wife died less than a kilometre as she was being taken to Mwingi Level Four Hospital.

“When I cut the rope and she fell down I tore her clothes and tried to resuscitate her by fanning her using a cloth but in vain.  I called for help from neighbours and as we took her to hospital, unbelievably she passed away,” said Musyoki.

He was speaking at their home in Nginyai village of Mwingi Central subcounty where villagers and relatives gathered to mourn the departed teacher.

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She was also the burial and benevolent fund representative for teachers in Kandwia zone.

Musyoki said he was at a loss why his wife decided to kill herself because they did not have any quarrel.

“She asked me for money to cater for some expenses incurred in a school building we are putting up but I told her I did not have money,” he said.

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He said they were the two of them at home as other children had gone for the Sunday school service.

“My wife just walked into the house and shortly called out asking me to take good care of our children as she was gone for good,” said Musyoki.

He rushed into the house only to find his wife dangling from the roof of their bedroom and started  the futile attempts to save her life.

A postmortem will be carried out on the body, which is being preserved at the Mwingi Level 4 hospital.

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