‘I am pregnant and I don’t know whether it’s my bosses or my husbands baby’ City woman confesses

A city woman has found herself between a rock and a hard place upon realizing that she is pregnant yet she does not know who the baby’s father is.
The woman in question has been having s3xual escapades with her boss despite being treated like a queen by her husband. Is she a manifestation of how rotten the society has become given that married men and women no longer respect their marriages?

“Am sleeping with my boss in the office and he has this control over my body.
He makes love to me every Friday, only on Fridays, it could be in our office or his car, he has never taking me to a hotel or his house, just corners . But my husband treats me like a queen, go as far as putting roses and candles to make it romantic , he takes me to expensive hotels and takes his time on me, but I still prefer my boss, I like the way my boss treats me like a bitch, that quick quick S3x is what turns me on, how he drags me to corners and do it quick, I hate all the drama my husband have to do. Now I am pregnant and I don’t know who the father is. Should I abort and quit my job , and face my marriage? But my job is a well paying job. I am confused”


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Here are comments advising the woman on the way forward

Poster, this dark tunnel u are passing, there is no bright light in front o….share ur s3xual fantasies with ur husband and he will take it frm der, someone that has time to buy scented candles fr sex. If u want him to go bdsm, he will. About the baby….only God can truly lead u.

Keep d baby, stop d sex with ur boss, talk to your husband bout it. The truth is normal for every lady to wanna feel like a hoe a times, those quick sex in the cinema, kitchen, swimming pool, dinning table etc looks sweet. Talk to ur husband bout it he should treat u dat way once in a while. N I c no reason u should hate being disrespected oh

I don’t want to judge but this made me sick to the stomach. A simple communication with your husband on how you want it could have gone a long way. May God help you if he finds out and your boss is a married man.

This is so sad considering how the innocent man will feel stupid wen he finds out… Why do people take advantage of others being nice… It’s so sad cos an untrusting and hurt fellow is about to be unleashed…this is not right in any way…😢😢
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