Ruth Matete

‘I am getting married this year’, Gospel singer Ruth Matete announces

Former Tusker Project Fame winner Ruth Matete has opened up on her upcoming marriage, years after being away from the limelight.

Back in April, she introduced the world to the man warming her bed, and if he is the same dude, we wish her the best.

The talented singer recently announced that she is getting married during an interview with a local show Pambio Live

She revealed; “After TPF life went down hill, I was not born a star, I got into this not knowing that not every body will like me. Things were not working out for me, I lost a relationship that I thought ‘this is it’.

I kept getting into relationships that were not working and I kept hoping that GOD would see the desire in my heart for me to get married. I hoped that God would bring me a man who would stay, someone who would understand my vision and he has finally answered my prayers as I am getting married this year .”

Ruth has been quite open about trying to commit suicide several times.

Ruth Matete’s life lessons after several suicide attempts


Back during the competition, she received alot of criticism from Kenyans who were not too happy with how she dressed during the competition, more so her last performance.

She came under harsh criticism because of the fact that she is a Christian and people felt that she was compromising on her morals.

Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete

Ruth has not had it easy going by her instagram posts on different occasions. she has let us in on her world saying,

It’s been a while since I wrote something long.. The last week has been such a reflective week for me.. I am the kind of person who Writes when I feel overwhelmed, either in a good way or bad way. And recently, I have just been thinking of God’s goodness.


I’m sure we all have that one time in our lives when things were so bad we can’t compare it with any other time in our lives. I have such a year. And I remember how everything was not working for me. Thought of taking my life to end all the pain and misery… And to some point I actually tried but I wasn’t successful because God!

Finances were not working. Relationship not working. Some main friendships ended…. Ministry was not working. And I thought to myself, am I of any value to this world?

You meet someone and they tell you it shall be well some day. God will make a way!! 😥😥😥 I didn’t want to hear anything that talked of future. I wanted a solution now now now! I wanted to hear, “God has made a way” “Things are okay”

It is then that I learned that you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. One time I moved out of my house and went to live with my dad because he was scared staying alone was not safe.

I kept trying to kill myself to no avail.. At some point I even believed that God was punishing me for something I did.. Oh my!! I could write and write. But I have seen God. I have learned some major lessons in life

1. The pain we go through is to prepare us for the future

2. God’s timing is the best.

3. God knows when you hurt and He has a reason for allowing the pain.

4.The day you find out your purpose is the day you start living.

5. Forgiveness of sin does not take away the punishment or consequences of the sin (Ask David in the bible).

6. God corrects us because he loves us.

7. When God wipes away your tears, He wipes it all… I mean, every kind of tear at once.

8.  Only God can heal a wounded heart.

But Ruth Matete seems to have accepted her flaws going by her recent thoughts

“Lately, I have been thinking about flaws, and whether it’s al-right to accept our flaws. And the more I think about them, the more I am convinced that not only is it just al right, but it is also freeing to come to terms with our flaws and accept them

Once you accept them, it gives you a chance to ensure that you know how to handle them. When you know your flaws and accept them,it helps you even in your relationships at large. You won’t hurt your friends or people around you in the name of ” We all have flaws”. Or “That’s just how I am. Deal with it”


Other celebrities who need to get married this year include Avril after rumors of dating J Blessing. Also gospel artiste Amani, who crossed over this year, needs to get married.

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