“I am determined to kill this guy and go to jail” Heartbroken woman swears after finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her blood sister

A woman has experienced first hand what it means to be stabbed behind your back after finding out her boyfriend is cheating.

The hurting part is not that he is cheating, but the fact that he is cheating with her own blood sister is something she feels she cannot forgive him for.

Due to the emotional distress she says she feels like killing him or committing suicide, but is it worth it?

“I want to commit suicide or pay some group of boy’s to kill my boyfriend, my boyfriend is dating my own blood sister, that’s our last born that stay with me.
I never know that my boyfriend is dating my sister and at the same time dating me. According to my sisters explanation they started dating since December, while  both of us started dating in February. I can’t look at my sisters face, I can’t talk to her, am depressed.


I am devastated, am thinking of what to do to him.
I broke in tears this morning when my sister ask me if I know this guy and she mentioned his name and I said yes, and she said hope I’ll not feel bad that the guy was her boyfriend, that she opened my phone and she saw all my conversion with him on WhatsApp.”


She emotionally goes on to narrate how she kept away her men from her house to protect her sister but it seems that was not good enough.

 “She also used my phone to call the guy and confronted him but he couldn’t say anything.  my sister is 18 years, ever since she came to stay with me,I am not used to coming with any man in my house.
I didn’t know  that when I go to work that she goes to the guy’s house and she refused to open up to me, am proud of her that she’s still a virgin.  Advice me on what to do because i am determined to kill this guy and go to jail.”

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