Jahmby Koikai

‘I am coming back soon’ Jahmby Koikai hints during her friend’s birthday

Jahmby Koikai has been battling endometriosis, undergoing painful operations abroad to recover from a health condition that is determined to pull her down.

She is among Kenyans who have come out publicly and opened up on fighting this disease, which the public does not know much about, leaving many Kenyans suffering in silence.

In an earlier post, she expressed her excitement on the great steps she had made in her recovery journey, terming herself as a winner rather than a victim.

She wrote

“I see myself and see a CHAMPION, A WINNER. A QUEEN. A MOVER AND SHAKER. I SEE GOD’S DAUGHTER. DAUGHTER OF THE SOIL. I am happy I’ve never been in denial about my struggles. This has been the first step to healing. Acceptance, then we push forward. We have fought. Fam, it’s been 3 years of battling a condition that has ravaged my body for the last 18years. I’ve lost jobs, lost relationships(I’ll share about this soon), lost friends.

Jahmby Koikai
Jahmby Koikai

God has replaced all these things for me. God has renewed my strength more than ever. I cannot believe we’ve come this far. This is the first time i haven’t experienced anxiety and panic attacks. My lungs are operating at a maximum capacity. I’m eating well.
More than anything, love has helped me heal. Love is the best drug. I’m so loved and i love right back”

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The good news is that she is recovering well and she hopes to come back home soon. She spoke about this while wishing her friend, selector technix, a happy birthday.

Jahmby reminisced on the good times she had before she got derailed by Endometriosis.

Here is her message to her friend selector technix.

“Happy birthday to one of the most talented selectors. If you know, you know😊…. can’t write much about our journey i think we should just do a movie about it lol. I’m coming back soon and i know you’re ready as always. You’re the most humble person I’ve ever worked with. You’ve taught me patience, tenacity and the power of always rising above. This disease stopped us on so many levels but I’m doing great and it is a thing of the past.


Thank you for who you are. Thank you for being my teacher, my colleague, my selector, comedian and my friend. Happiest birthday to you. He taught me how to select music or deejay as we call it. He heard me emceeing along to dub and that’s how i stopped selecting to become his emcee😊 @selectortechnix God bless you in this new year. We got work to do son😊 Tulianzia Nyanza, tukapatana Chemil and the rest is history. Over 10 years together😊 Tulianzia Black Supremacy wale wanatambua
(Been quite exhausted last few days. Intense therapy. I’ll update you on how much has been raised)

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Jahmby’s fans were excited at the news of her comeback and here are their messages for her

the_hannibals…For a minute I thought you were up and i was happy,its a postponed happiness anyway,you will be well

ogendo58…Can’t wait this combination

georgewilly254@jahmbykoikai …We cant wait to have u back at home you fought that battle like the warrior you are God really loves you empress

qerol_keshhbd @selectortechnix ….we miss you mama ..jamby get well soon

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