I am broken after forgiving my husband for cheating 4 times 

Taking back a cheating spouse after multiple affairs, has emboldened a wife to say no this time round.

She described her heartbreak to Maina kageni on Tuesday that she is weak for allowing her husband to cheat and come back home.

She described what it’s like taking back a cheating spouse below

“I’m married to this man, We got married in 2010 and after two years he hooked up with a certain lady. I came to know and didn’t do anything. So his parents decided she is better than me and kicked me out. After some time they didn’t get along, so he came back to me. I forgave him, we continued with raising our kids, than after that he took another chick rented her a house and declared he had two wives. They took some time with that lady, but they didn’t get along so the man dumped the lady and came back to me. I forgave him  and he moved back to our home with his clothes. After that he hooked up with another chick they got a kid they didn’t get along and he came back to me. I forgave him again.”

At this point Maina Kageni was frustrated and asked her why she keeps taking him back. She admitted it’s because of his family jewels that confuse her.frustrated-african-american-couple-400x295

“Maina can I tell you I have never had an affair with someone else. I am just addicted to this guy iI always forgive him and then he comes back we move on and pick up from where we left. I have tried to date other men but do you know Maina I am not able to bed another man. You will try and do all the right things for me to date you, but on the day I will not show up. I will just go home and wait for my guy. Me I think I’m crazy, He has spent our hard earned money on women, there is another one they have rented where I live. He stays with her from Monday to Friday, then on Saturday and Sunday he is at my house. He comes we bang then he goes. Maina I swear this time I am done. I’m going to lock the door when he comes this Saturday. I will try dating other men. The only thing that makes me crazy about this guy is he is so so good in bed, excellent, you know excellent”

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