‘I’m A SUPER MUM,’ DJ Pierra Makena Shares New ADORABLE Photos With Her SWEET Daughter

May 14 is the day all mother’s in the world are celebrated for their unwavering love, support and strength they have shown to their children – Mother’s Day.

Top female celebrity deejay Pierra Makena is a lady who’s motherhood journey has impressed everyone after she revealed a lot of details about her pregnancy and the father of her daughter.

Pierra gave birth in July 2016 to the cutest daughter by the name, Ricca Pokot, after revealing that she was pregnant after months of speculation.

One thisng she has never revealed is who the father of the child is.


The celebrated entertainer recently revealed that she had broken up with the father of her child and then a few days, later, she found out that she was pregnant and decided to inform him.

The mystery man promised to be part of the child’s life and even promised to meet up with her to dicuss the future of their child. He never showed up.

Pierra Makena Confesses How The Man Who Impregnated Her Did Nothing During Her Pregnancy

Pierra Makena picked up the pieces and embraced the fact that she was going to be a single mother and preferred it that way after she found out that the father to the child was engaged to someone else and they were planning to get married.


The truth, according to her, is that the journey has not been easy but the gift of a daughter is enough to keep her going: “Bringing up a child is not easy….. but the joy is real yoo!! I’d never trade this for anything.” 

Pierra loves her daughter to the moon and back and to decided to celebrate being a mother on this big day, Mother’s Day, by sharing photos from a recent photoshoot for True Love and Parents Magazine.

The two look lovely and there’s no doubt that she is a proud mother to the cuddly toddler. She wrote this touching post in one of the photos;

Celebrating Mothers. … I’m so humbled to be getting so much love and advise….I just owe it to God! He has been my pillar and my strength. … I AM A SUPER MOM 😘 and I can say that again.

Have a look at some of the adorable photos below. What a sweet and cute daughter she has!







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