‘I am a spend thrift,’ Kate Actress speaks about one of her struggles

Actress Catherine Kamau is one of the smartest personalities we have in the country.

From her sense of fashion to how she conducts her gigs, one can easily tell she has star quality.

Well she works so hard to make her life better and give her children the best.

One of the reasons she works so hard, is that she is a spend thrift.

Kate revealed that in her Insta stories when responding to a fan who said she was cutting down expenditure to become debt free.

“The expenditure part, that is my struggle I am a spendthrift, may be that is why I  am always working,” she wrote.

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In an earlier interview, the mother of two said that while starting off, she was motivated by her son to work harder.

Cate said she would cry daily when her son asked why he couldn’t live with her.

The son lived with Kate’s mother when the actress was still hustling and living in a bedsitter in Nairobi.

“My son would call me and ask me if I had gotten a big house so I could stay with him,” Cate said

“I started living in a bedsitter, but I would make sure I visit my son at my mum’s house, and on weekends, have him stay at my place,” she added.

Kate Actress further added that her son always asked her why her house was small, which motivated her to work even harder.

Why don’t I live with you?’ he’d say. I would cry every day and tell God to let this be my motivation,” she said.

Cate has been endorsed by different brands in the country.


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