‘I always thought men with a big manhood can never go broke, But I am so broke despite my heavy load’ Cries a member of team mafisi

Does the size of a manhood determine the size of your wallet? That is the question city man has been left asking himself, atafanyia nini hio mjulubeng.

The man in question is so broke to an extent that he cannot take a trip down memory lane, and it’s destroying his esteem.

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His pain however is why should he be loaded down there and be broke,

“I have a big d#ck but yet I am still broke, my manhood is so big that any time I use it on any girl or woman they beg but yet I don’t have a penny to my name. I am good in bed and also very handsome but the girls tend to use and dump me after intimacy like I am some toy.


None wants to stay with me, even the ones that stay have sugars daddy I am just for s3x. I feel so bad every day of my life.

I use to hear that if u have a big manhood you are not suppose to be poor but I have and I am poor. Please advise me .”

Here are some of the comments on the man’s problem

mc_angeloofficial: So your job is to destroy virginal walls ……. I wish to help you redefine your existential plans

racheal_owen_o: So, when did big d#*k start putting money on the table?

chioaguo: Where did you hear that lie.. brokenness had nothing to do with ur p*nis size… please… only God can help you since its obvious your career as a giglio isnt working out… Face God for your breakthrough and be ready to work hard.

sugars_nest: So what happen to getting a job? And don’t forget to include in your cv how big your d#*k is and how good you can use it…

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