‘I aborted Prezzo’s child ‘ Amber Lulu confesses during an interview

Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu is in trouble after blurting out that she aborted the musicians kid during an interview with Clouds FM.

The damsel opened up stating that it was not planned and that she is feeling guilty about what happened;

“Tulikua home tuna-vibe. It wasn’t love. It was an accident. I thought about prezzo. He is the man that I’m in a relationship with. I disappointed him. We’ve started arguing even with his friends and family.”

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Prezzo and girlfriend Amber Lulu
Prezzo and girlfriend Amber Lulu

Lulu goes on to add that she is unhappy with how things turned out. She narrated

“He is my lover, I thought about him all that time when the video leaked. Imemkosesha raha na amani pia. Prezzo ni mume wangu.”

Other than Prezzo, Lulu says she has in the past slept with former Ya Moto Band singer Aslay, who she terms as ‘kiboko‘ when it comes to bedroom matters.

“I have also dated Aslay. Yeye ni kiboko yao. Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa”

Amber is also said to have dated a musician by the name Young Dee who later trashed her and said he did not want his name to be drugged into the mud for being with Amber as it was ruining his current relationship.

Amber Lulu

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Meanwhile, the video vixen has responded to claims she aborted Prezzo’s unborn baby. Speaking to Ijumaa Wikienda, Amber told the paper that she is still in a relationship with Prezzo.

She responded

 “Ndio niko naye bado na kuhusu kushika ujauzito siku si nyingi.”

Asked if she aborted, Amber said,

“Kero ya nini sasa maana mimba ningebeba mimi lakini siyo yeye (Prezzo). Mimi sitaki kuzungumzia hiyo habari bwana.Nani amekwambia maana ungeniona hapa na kitumbo.”

In 2017 socialite Vera Sidika was accused by her South African based Nigerian boyfriend Oriyomi Johnson of aborting his child after the two broke up in what Vera termed as an abusive relationship.


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