Husbands who match outfits with wives won’t be allowed into Mens conference


A man on Classic 105 on Valentines day declared that any Kenyan husband who loves to wear matching kitenges with their wife won’t be allowed into the mens conference.

Meet the guys behind that popular Valentine song ‘Where is your boyfriend’

The man tickled Maina and Kingangi when he continued to declare other conditions men have to meet to access the venue of the conference.

‘Such nonsense won’t be entertained. 

Clyde Mukombero from Eldoret, describes himself as a life member  of the men’s conference boldly declared that soft men are a no no, much to the amusement of many

hakuna kuvaa kitenge zinafanayna, hatuko choir, kilamtu avae chenye anataka

Valentine's Day

He also had other tough conditions which include

– No man over 26 should ‘tuma fare’ kukula fare ni ya 18 to 25,

– Don’t ask me where I have come from, when I an coming to my house

– men who are kaliwad chapati, tunaiunga task force kuwarescue hawatakaliwa tena.

Ladies, your Kings have set reminders for the Men’s Conference on Valentines

Haapy Valentines to all Classic 105 fans, and may you all have a love filled time.

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