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‘My husband’s cousin is in love with me yet he is married’ Cries city woman

A Kenyan woman has learnt first hand that even a family member can be a fisi, after her hubby’s cousin confessed her undying love for her.

The problem lies in the fact the woman in questioned  introduced her husband cousin to the woman he is currently married to.

I need your advice… So apparently, my hubby’s cousin has a crush on me…he’s also married to my best mate(I introduced them and they’ve been married for 8 years.

We eat together, party together and my kids (8&10) and his kids(3 &5) are 2nd cousins..

Like play like play, he started calling me on my night shifts, asking me personal questions.

I thought it was a joke, not until he called me up one night that he was outside my hospital and he needed to see me asap.


I panicked and ran out, thought something had happened to my kids(they were at his house for a sleep over) with his wife…he came from his own night shift.

He started professing his love for me, saying all sorts of rubbish, how he had always loved me, thinks of me when making love, am prettier than his wife, etc!

‘My friends daughter died aborting after the son impregnated her’ – Nancy

She adds that she was shocked at his behavior

I was so dumbfounded…this is someone I’ve taken as a brother, known him for over 17 years!!!

Has stood by me and my hubby when I was in labour, seen me in my ugly self (I don’t mean naked) just when am home with kids and looking a bit tarty (women with kids would understand this).

He’s not someone I would dress up to impress, if you know what I mean.

I feel so disgusted by his behaviour and am trying as much as possible to be diplomatic about it without breaking our family…

Each time I see him now, i feel like stabbing him.What do I do?

What would you advice her to do? Should she tell her husband that the cousin is crushing on her?

Put your answer in the comment section and lets see who has the best advice that might help the woman out of her predicament.
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