‘My husband took a 1.5 million loan to go on vacation’ Cries woman

The morning debate was an extension of yesterdays topic on depression and why it is affecting men more than women according to recent studies.

World Health Organization recently ranked Kenyans as the 6th most depressed people In Africa .

A female fan of Maina Kageni argued that the reason men are most affected is because they love living beyond their means.

Giving her example the woman narrated how her husband went to a financial institution and took a loan of 1.5 million just to go on vacation.


A male caller called in and here is what he had to say.

Living beyond once means is a disease with men. You are employed for 10 years and you can never account for your money but a mama mboga is prudent enough to built a house with her money.

Another adds

Kenyan men drink like fish and party like animals.

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Another adds

Maina I have to spend my money the way I feel. Lazima tuambie mwili pole.

Why should I drink Konyagi because as my wife you think drinking Johny Walker is a waste of money? When I was in high school I was bought school shoes twice right now I have more than 30 pairs because I can afford it.

We used to go steal from vibandas because we could not afford it

Do not tell me what to buy because back then I was struggling. Do not crucify men because women are also irresponsible with our money.

That’s is why when you ask  her to meet you in town she will ask you to send her pesa ya Uber because she knows you are loaded.

Maina Pesa ni yangu ntatumia vile nataka.

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