Husband shares photo of pregnant wife carrying side chicks baby to explain infidelity



A married man named Jarmill Walker is trending on Facebook after confessing to having a child with a side chick, and impregnating his wife at the same time.

He shared photos of his pregnant wife carrying his side chick’s baby, and social media users are having a meltdown.
He has been married for 15 years and the wife is expecting their own child in 3 months time.

Sharing the photos, he expressed his happiness over the fact that he got married to a strong and forgiving woman who stayed by his side despite his mistakes.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Unfortunately people do. This is not the ideal situation nor am I the perfect man, husband or father but we learn from our mistakes.

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Here are some strong reactions from people, most whom said they wouldn’t tolerate such from a man and would kick him to the curb:

I can’t do it but more power to them ♥️


Praying for her shit feel like someone literally taking a screw driver and stabbing you in the heart…

Trust he wouldn’t do this for her!! We all know women are toooo forgiving! Don’t @ me I said what I said!

As a wise philosopher once said..”nah”

What in the “Rasheeda & Kirk” is going on here 😕

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No way!!! Cheating is one thing but having a baby is another one. We’ll be getting a divorce !

Uh hell nall….I’ll make sure the babies have a terrific relationship together seeing as though they are innocent but as far as being together as a couple nope🙅🏾‍♀️

She a real one….cuz I would’ve been out 💨

Ain’t that much forgiveness in the world. Especially after 15 years.blackmancheating

She probably only stayed because she’s pregnant… which is totally understandable

It’s a no for me. Cheating alone is a big No and then to bring a child into the mix. I know people say is ”cheating really that big of a deal?” to me yes. Once you cheat the trust is gone, plus he was out here raw dogging. Who knows how many other women he’s messing with

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Dear Classic 105 fam, how would you handle such a situation?

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