Husband Seeks Divorce Over Wife’s Alleged Use of Black Magic on Step Children

A 56-year-old businessman on Thursday told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, that his wife had a black magic fetish. The man, Olabode said that after 18 years in a barren marriage, his wife, Folake charmed the children to love her and hate him.

He said that she was using charms on his children to love, respect and obey her while she did the opposite for him.

“My wife has added charm to the food she used to give my children to eat, they have excessive love, respect and obedience for her but my children failed to do same for me. She is using my children against me, anytime both families come to settle our quarrel, all my children will speak against me, supporting her by castigating me in their presence. Anytime we are arguing, she used to attack me first by slapping me; and when it degenerates into to physical combat, she will bite me, leaving scars on my body,” he said.

He pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage because he was tired and could no longer cope with her.
Folake, 48, a trader, denied using charm on the children and that she married Olabode 18 years ago and started taking care of his four children because their mother was late.

“The children know me as their mother, they love, respect and obey me, even when their father later told them that I am not their biological mother, they still continue to take me as their mother and love me the more. I did not use charm on the children, if I wanted to charm anybody to love, respect and obey me, it is their father I will charm not the children,’’ Folake said.

She accused her husband of infidelity, claiming that he was dating two of her close friends and that anytime she confronted him he would resort to violence. She said her husband recently embarrassed her in the neighbourhood by telling people that she was not the real mother of his children.

The respondent added that her husband often used her childlessness to mock her. She however begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish as she was still in love with him. The case was adjourned to May 13th.

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