Maureen Waititu with her two sons

Hurtful! Maureen Waititu claims mother in law wants to kick her out

Maureen Waititu and Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt are having serious drama.

If you thought the accusations that Frankie doesn’t support his children was serious, this one will have you gasping.

In his social media pages including YouTube, I am sure you have noticed he has not posted anything to do with his other children.

Based on the sympathy he got from his fans last time he countered Maureen’s accusations, he got a lot of people on his side. But she has come out to state that he is still not supporting the boys.

“He has not been supporting his kids for about six weeks now. I think the society is too harsh on women. What if it was the other way round me neglecting my kids and not supporting them? I would be judged harshly .” Maureen cried

Recently, rumors have been circulating that he has been barred from seeing his boys. She said there is no such thing.

“I have not barred him [Frankie] from seeing his kids.ย  My lawyer contacted him through a letter for a round table mediation to come up with a structure and order on how to raise the kids but he made it very clear he has no obligation to respond to that.”

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It gets worse, Maureen confirmed that she was told to move out of her Westlands home [which belongs to her ex-mother-in-law, Frankie’s mom], where she currently lives with her children.

“Frankie called me and told me that his mother and brother said I move out. “

This is the same house she spent thousands renovating to make it conducive for her and her children to live in. Remember the big renovation reveal? Yes.

When called for comment, Frankie Kiarie said,

โ€˜I cannot comment on this matter because it is a personal issue and it has nothing to do with anyone.โ€™

Asked if he hasnโ€™t been visiting the children and paying child support, again, Frankie chuckled said,

โ€˜I donโ€™t want to comment on any of these to be honest.โ€™

Asked if he has kicked out Maureen and the kids from his motherโ€™s house.

He still maintained the โ€˜no commentโ€™ stance.

Seems like the drama is actually heated. Well, we hope things will be okay especially for the kids.

We will keep you updated.

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