Human zoo exhibition sparks outrage

“Exhibit B”, an art show featuring black actors in cages is  due to open at the Theatre Gerard  Philipe  at Saint Denis, and the Centquatre  cultural centre in northern Paris at the end of November .

The event which was to be held in London in September was cancelled by London’s famed Barbican Centre.

The exhibition displays  controversial work, created by white South African artist Brett Bailey.

Apparently it is supposed to be a thought-provoking look at the 19th-and 20th-century practice of exhibiting people from the colonies in human zoos for public amusement.

The exhibition  venues are in areas with high non-white populations. The artist says that the exhibition is meant to improve awareness of racism in Europe’s colonialist past and at the same time challenge voyeurs (a person who enjoys seeing the pain or distress of others) in contemporary human tragedies.

Many people are against the exhibition and a petition has been launched in Paris and if successful like a similar one in the U.K the exhibition will be cancelled on grounds of racism.

The petitioners argue that the exhibition is an insult to people living in area where the exhibition is set to be held, as they are already forced to deal and live with the vice on a daily basis.

Other people who voiced their opinion said freedom of expression is not a good enough justification for our cultural centres to put on this kind of horror show.

“If you pay to see it you are colluding in the worst kind of racial abuse; that which is done in the pretence (or worse, the belief) that it is progressive.”

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