Human Beings Are Very Selfish! Akothee Tells Her Fans

Singer Akothee is living the life she has always dreamt of as a young child growing up in the village and going through tough times to become who she has become now.

The Yuko Moyoni hitmaker is known for her flamboyant lifestyle that makes many people think she is just bragging and showing off whatever she has achieved in life.

Being a mother of five, Akothee has always protected her children and always give them the support they need as a mother and it has always been a job well done for her being a single mother.


Her love for farming and hard work is what brings food on her table in her palatial home, Mombasa County.

She has always been seen going to farm and it is an encouragement and inspiration to other musicians who think that going to farm is just a waste of time and getting oneself dirty.


She took to social media to show off her new project of making nurseries. In the photo, you can see her getting her hands dirty to show that she doesn’t leave all the work to her workers.

The Baby Daddy singer is one person who many look up to because she does not fake her lifestyle and always says things as they are.

Captioning a photo, Akothee said:


“I only make financial moves, everyday is a learning lesson, every experience is a learning process , good or bad, don’t allow people use you for their own interests , not every offer is meant for you, human beings are very selfish, let me organise my life (new nursery establishment )”

Check out some few comments:

Faith: Where did you get the trays from?

Fl0wer: Akotheee please share your food plan… Body Goals!!

Eunice: You are a teacher



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