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Why Huddah’s controversial viewpoints make her stand out (opinion)

Apart from Akothee, Huddah Monroe is possibly the most controversial female celebrity in Kenya. The list of things she has said in the past is not for the faint of heart, with the socialite letting her opinions rip like the proverbial bullets from a Gatling gun.

Over the years Alhuddah has expressed her controversial standpoint especially as comes the relationship between men and women.

You see the light-skinned socialite isn’t afraid to venture into the controversial topic of women selling their bodies for finances. Many of her opinions deal with the dynamics of a woman’s right to choose how to use/monetise her body.

Like last year, the socialite-cum-business lady, after she advised women to sell their bodies, save some money and open businesses.

“If you are a woman, stop borrowing 24-7. Go sell that p***y. Save the money and start selling groceries. Nothing in life is f*****g free. Everyone works hard for their sh*t,” wrote Huddah on her Insta stories.

Just last month, Alhudah revealed that she would never ever break up with a man she was dating simply because he cheated (such a smart woman!). She added that the only men she wouldn’t deal with were stingy men.

A few months ago Miss Monroe confessed that she had been so humbled by the restrictions placed on her by Covid-19 to the point of having to beg for ‘horizontal refreshments’.

“I break up. 2 hours later I’m bored and I want him back! Quarantine got me begging for D. They say Humble Yourselves! Quarantine has surely humbled me!” wrote Monroe, adding: “I feel a caged animal or an inmate.”

How many women would openly reveal this to the public? Not many, not many. And it doesn’t end there, earlier this year, she also disclosed that she would abort the child of a broke man!

Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men.

And there many more of these controversial viewpoints that she has shared in the past. While some might shame her like they did when she criticised American singer Lizzo for being overweight, many of her opinions while not being PC have a semblance of out if the box thinking.

Sometimes a differing opinion shouldn’t make one change their mind but at least see something from a different viewpoint, an area the petite socialite specialises in. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

In an age of politically correct celebs who always say the right thing, Huddah goes contrary to that and brings some controversial topics to the Overton Window-something needed for a society to progress socially.

Her opinions also make her a breath of fresh air and Kenyans know that they will most likely get an unfiltered and differing view from what is socially acceptable-a great selling point for the entrepreneur.

What do you think? Do we need more celebs to reveal controversial opinions or to be the perfect PR-made celeb?

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