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Huddah threatens to manhandle Khaligraph Jones in bed

It seems the beef between Huddah Monroe and Khaligraph Jones will not be dying anytime soon. Why? The two are at each others throats after Khaligraph Jones released a freestyle diss track where he called out the socialite.

His fans from left, right and center couldn’t help but hype the rapper; forgetting that Huddah is a don’t care who probably fears the coronavirus if not death!

Huddah chilling

In the diss track Khaligraph is heard referencing Huddah calling her a slay queen and saying that despite the coronavirus quarantine, the light-skinned lady is still going out partying.

Huddah: Why I Don’t Pick Khaligraph Jones’ Calls

He even says that he wouldn’t want to get with her and that she had already dated another rapper in the industry. Watcht the video below:

After listening to the song, Huddah has not thrown any shade or called the rapper any insulting names! Her threat was one that most men would dream of considering that it came from the very beautiful Huddah – that she would have lungula with the real O.G until he left her alone! The way she says it comes off as a threat and not something the real O.G should look forward to.

Huddah Monroe portrait
Miss Monroe portrait

The origin of this beef started when Miss Monroe claimed that she didn’t know any music by the burly rapper and Khaligraph took that confession as a slight from her, even posing it on his Instagram page.

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