Huddah reveals what she does to maintain the young-looking face

Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she uses anti-ageing products to remain young.

In a recent Q and A Huddah Monroe made it clear this is something that she plans to still do for many years to come because having an ageing look isn’t something that is currently on her to-do list.

Huddah added that some of them use liposuction procedures and filters to conceal their real age.

“Some of these 21,22, 23-year-olds be looking 43. The liposuction and filters. You can filter outside but you can’t the in inside. I don’t even know how I look coz with 16 years old, I fit in 20 years, I am in.”

She added;

“You all, I don’t know what age is anymore. Thank God for my small stature. Oh and my anti-ageing products for the win. Youth in a box. I will be this way in 50+. Watch this space… start early! Take care of yourself. Prevention is better than cure.”

Huddah jetted back into the country a few weeks ago and has been engaging her fans on her social media platforms

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