Huddah Monroe’s cheeky caption on “Go out and be a hoe,”

Huddah Monroe is arguably the prettiest socialite to strut her goods on this here Kenyan streets. The yellow-yellow who is a mixture of Somali and Kikuyu ethnicities has been able to keep a sizable following of men thirsty for her goodies.

The petite beauty once stated most men dream of getting the chance to roll in the sheets with her just for a night.

As this writer was scrolling through her Instagram post on, we were astounded by one of her captions. What did it read?

“Go out and be a hoe! It’s a beautiful day!”

Huddah Monroe

Hehehe! Only Al Huddah can pull off this type of ballsy move in a society predominated by perceived conservative tastes. What is however shocking is the backtracking that she has done with her brand.

She had vowed to change into a more safe for work socialite who goes about selling her cosmetic products but it seems that that trajectory could not be sustained.


So what did the lovely Monroe do? She has gone back to posting the head-turning and salacious content that made her famous. The famous phrase goes like this:

“If it aint broke don’t fix it.”

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe screenshot. photo credit: instagram/Huddah Monroe

And I think Huddah has realized that changing her public persona and still making money from it is a tall order.

Many socialites gain fame by being ratchet. When they reach a certain age, many want to transition into selling a clean image but struggle to.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, one of the first socialites

Why? Most of their fans are male. What are you going to sell to thirsty and hungry ninjas that does not involve sex and nudity?

Kim Kardashian success
Kim Kardashian success

Only Kim Kardashian has been able to transcend the socialite tag and become a successful business woman. Now that is a true boss-lady!

Kim Kardashian success
Kim Kardashian success

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