I don’t compete coz I have no competition Huddah Monroe proudly boasts

Huddah Monroe is known for her controversial nature. Being in the limelight, she attracts attention wherever she goes whether good or bad.

Well, recently the damsel has become more and more spiritual going to an extent of sharing inspirations quotes on her social media platforms. This comes as a shock given that she is a lady who has been involved in all sorts of drama.

She has clashed with Tanzania’s Boss Lady Zari Hassan and is always taunting fellow Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika.

She took to her page to write about people who enjoy others’ misery.

She  wrote;

“The way people Rejoice at other peoples misfortunes . You’ll think they know what’s in their FUTURE…. if someone is sick and you are happy about it . You don’t know your tomorrow . That’s why THE WORLD Is round There’s nothing NEW under the sun!Everything you do today must catch up with you tomorrow .



Choose to Do good today . Think good thoughts …I don’t compete coz I have no competition. I’m a King. And The one above that is God
almighty it is our own journey, others May walk with you. But no ONE can walk it for you.”

Huddah opens up on battling drug addiction at the tender age of 19

Monroe goes on to add that she knows how to hustle and that Huddah Cosmetics line is not her cash cow as she has other sources of income.

She says

“I don’t look at Hudddah Cosmetics as my cash cow. I got many other low key businesses that fund my life. I just love bringing out new things. It EXCITES me…


l am VERY impatient and I get bored with things real fast and to be honest, Huddah Cosmetics came in as a FUN thing for me . If I thing bores me, I move to the next. It makes my brain work.”

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