‘Alikiba dumped Jokate, people laughed now she is winning’ Says Huddah

Things seem to be looking good for Ali Kiba’s ex girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo after landing a position as a District Commissioner of Kisarawe District, Tanzania.

She took to her instagram page to share the good news with the post below

“Trust that God is full of Grace and he will never dessert those who believe in him.Thank You my God.May be i share just a little ,there is a time end of last year i was so down and i wanted to give up about everything in life, i had also not understood well my fate in politics.I was in a political meeting and a lady from Arusha ran to me and hugged me tightly,she was with another woman and they had come to take a photo with me.

The lady said that she loves me because i am the one who made her join politics and vie for a political seat in Arusha and she won.I was left smiling.That gave me the strength to keep going , i was happy to see there is a lady i had enlightened and given the courage to vie.”

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She adds

“You might be going through a tough time in life but never give up because of those who are looking up to you,those relying on you and those learning from you.The journey to success is full of ups and downs and it requires you to keep fighting on,after all there is no success without challenges,and sometimes challenges mould our character.Just remember that God does not disown his own,I love you ,Thank You 🙏🏽.”

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Her appointment comes almost a week after her ex Ali Kiba was signed by Coastal FC on a 1 year contract to play and he is expected to play around 20 games ahead of the 2018/19 season in the Tanzanian Premier League.

Some months ago the Tanzanian heart throb Ali Kiba tied the knot to the beautiful Amina, who works for the county government of Mombasa as a financial analyst.


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Well Jokate seems to have moved on from the heartbreak and immediately after news of her appointment, many have sent their congratulatory messages but, Huddah Monroe is not impressed.

She took to her Instagram to slam those who are only trying to associate with Jokate only now when things are working out for her.

She wrote

“When Alikiba married another lady and not Jokate. People abused Jokate so much and laughed so hard about it . Now she is winning everyone is sending their congratulations msgs! LMFAO! The Internet is undefeated . Pretenders . None of these fans are LOYAL!

If you live off people’s compliments,you will die from their criticism LIVE for you . DO YOU! No one wants to support you at the start of your journey but once they see your success they all want to be friends again.”

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