‘I pray you live longer to see what you put me through’ Huddah pens to jealousy ‘friends’

Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe is a woman who is always under public scrutiny and it is understandable why she has haters.

She is daring and does not mind going that extra step to achieve her dreams but with  haters full of jealousy round her here is her message for them.

‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

“Jealousy and Envy is a disease . Old friends always have this shit on them …. I pray you live longer . So you can roam around the world and Suffer immensely from what you’ve put me and other women through .

What a jealous woman would do to another is out of this world . They can skin you alive . WOMEN , be careful who you call friend.”


She goes on to add

“To those who take joy in seeing other people fail or suffer, I feel for you. Whatever is happening in your life to hold so much anger and hate, I pray that it passes and good things come to you.Nelson Madela once said, We were not born with hate in our hearts, it’s something learnt over time.

‘I once dated a broke man for his good performance in bed’ Huddah admits


But if we can learn to hate then we can be taught to love for love is far easier and more natural to the human heart. God Bless.”

She concludes with this quote and declaration on herself,

“It’s not Over, until God says it’s over Cheers .” to Good health . Prosperity. Abundance . And Wealth all the days of my life , my fans lives and my enemies lives . Be bless .”

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