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Huddah Monroe responds with class to fan going crazy for her

Huddah Monroe is one of the most beautiful female celebrities in Kenya and I daresay East Africa. Yes, even with all the beauty-enhancing surgeries that I believe have helped her manifest all the beauty she was born with.

Inevitably that has caused many men(even myself, I will admit) to have crushes on the famous socialite. And with such admiration and desire will come the odd fan letter.

Huddah Monroe wearing a short skirt
Huddah Monroe wearing a short skirt

This week a certain fan of the light-skinned lady went all out professing his love…uh lust for the very successful owner of Huddah Cosmetics.

And how do you think that exchange went? Did Alhudah return the gesture in kind or did she blast the lovestruck/lust struck fan?

She did neither. The normally loud and proud Miss Monroe responded with one of the most classy one-liners I have ever seen.

Huddah Monroe doing the duck face
Huddah Monroe doing the duck face

One that put the man in his place but without alienating him. The man going by the name of Muddy took to her comment section saying;  “I should have kissed you, I should have told you, told you that how I feel,” commented Mkmuddy on the Bosschick’s post.

‘Stop, we want kids you idi*ts!’ Huddah tells men who choke the monkey

Her hilarious response read; “@mkmuddy LOL! Easiest way to kiss me is through your girlfriends lips. Get her @huddahcosmetics lippie,” she responded.

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Huddah has a knack for retorting with oomph to comments from her fans that show she isn’t one to be played with. And it makes sense, she is such a character that she allegedly made Sh. 1.7 million in the month of May from OnlyFans(a site that is known for its s3xual content creators) without even posting any nudity!

Huddah chilling
Huddah chilling

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