Huddah Monroe reacts to trolls as she advises Elsa Majimbo to ignore haters

American Tv host Steve Harvey interviewed Elsa Majimbo and the news went viral in the 254. Harvey adopted Elsa showing her support.

“I’ll adopt you as my niece. I’ll give you my phone number. I don’t care what you need, just call me,” Steve Harvey promised Elsa Majimbo.

Beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has weighed in on the responses towards Elsa. Huddah mentioned that she has also suffered the wrath

‘The sky is not the limit, don’t hate appreciate I know we love hating on each other in this country And keyboard bullies but if you turn your hate into inspiration you might just get there too’ adding

‘The way people hate on people here, 90 per cent stories about me are all lies but I don’t let anyone bring me down. i don’t even press charges for defamation I just laugh and keep it moving, block their existence.’

‘Young girls and boys cant take or make it out here on theses Kenyan social media streets with that and envy from nobodies, glad that girl didn’t focus on here..showing other younger girls her age you can be. do whoever you wanna outside of your where you were born’

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