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He’s not my type! Huddah says as she denies ever kissing Harmonize

Huddah Monroe has come out to speak about an incident that occurred in 2017 that left many scratching their heads. The controversy sprang from a video that captured the socialite kissing Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

But unlike what the video was plainly saying, Miss Monroe insists that the video was misconstrued and the two never planted warm kisses on each other’s lips. Huh!!!

Huddah with Harmonize
Huddah with Harmonize

This information was revealed during an Instagram Q and A session, where a curious fan asked the petite beauty whether she and the famous Konde Boy have ever been an item.

Huddah posing
Huddah posing

Alhuda who also doubles as a businesswoman responded with a big NO adding that Harmonize is not her cup of tea. ‘Konde Boy is not my type of guy. I was just seated with Zari and Diamond and I just sat on him to take a selfie and it looked like we were kissing,’ Huddah claimed. Revisionist history!

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Mbona madam anatudanganya??

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The beauty said she preferred a different breed of men and her mistake back then was pose for a photo with a dear friend.

‘I miss Raila,’ Huddah Monroe astonishingly proclaims

However, like they say, the internet never forgets. scoured the internet and bumped into the forgotten video and alas! The two actually shared a brief kiss. Check the video out below;

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