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Ati what! Huddah Monroe shockingly reveals her age

Huddah Monroe has been celebrating her birthday week. The socialite decided to go out and celebrate it at a children’s home and even ate at a kibanda showing that she still is one of the ‘people’.

The socialite ate the children's home
The socialite ate the children’s home
The socialite ate the children's home
The socialite ate the children’s home

As with most women who have crossed the grand age of 25, Miss Monroe has been cagey with her age but the entrepreneur is doing new things on her birthday week.

One of those is revealing her age. The petite beauty decided to finally disclose that she is just 27-year old. For long, most netizens were convinced the beauty is well into her 30s and has just mastered the art of aging like fine wine. She wrote;

’10/10/92 a queen was born! A year older. May God grant us all our hearts desires,’ Huddah wrote. While celebrating her birthday like a queen, the socialite turned entrepreneur claimed she was born in 1992.

The socialite posing in white
Huddah posing in white

When one daring follower decided to openly doubt the truth in Huddah’s statement, the socialite quickly tore her a new one and put the doubting Thomas on her place. Some of the comments are below;
tanashadonna Happy belated birthday fine gyal ❤️😍 Take us slowly please
kinyanjuis_daughter Lol huddah is not born 92..😃😃😃😃.
huddahthebosschick @kinyanjuis_daughter coz your Vagina gave birth to me, you must know better. Tell us more……
glaanx Lol. Ati huddah you are 26? Lol.

The socialite with long hair
Huddah with long hair

I also have my doubts. I don’t think she has given us her accurate age. I think that the socialite is much younger than she claims to be. I think she is in her early 20’s. Hahaha! The curious case of Benjamin Button.

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